A garment sits at the interface between the body and the macro-physical environment. it is an experience, a rather multisensory one. All sensory aspects of a garment surround a wearer’s body creating a dressed atmosphere that is perceived both by the wearer and the observer.

There’s more to a garment than what appears to the eye and what follows is an artisitc take on some intangible sensory experiences from my own wardrobe.

‘My Sensory Wardrobe’ aims to encourage all viewers to take a moment when engaging withfashion at any point and listen to your body’s sensorial needs and likes.

//Prickly Pink//
A pink hand-knit cap by my grandmom ( sense of emotional belonging) that unlike her gentle love feels like a million itchy thorns poking into my head when wearing it around (sense of touch).

// My Everyday Shield //

My ( dad's) jacket is my undebated companion for every night out in London (sense of temperature change). This jacket feels like a safe hand of support that holds me and all my belongings.

// Comfy Heels //
Constant agony, cramped feet and burning wounds are sweet little prices I pay for the sense of self & confidence these heels give me.


// ‘That’ Underwear //
a thing so feminine and delicate (a sense of appreciation of aesthetics) to look at, an itchy menace to the skin. a garment, even though so intimate worn more for the viewer than for the wearer.

// Sticky Black Dress //
I become a piece a blue-tack when wearing this dress.

// Rainbow Crochet Cardigan //

This cardigan, with its colours, awakens my mood. It brings me childish happiness.

Research & Process